In order to have the best experience in hunting and shooting, one must get himself the best 243 rifle, which was primarily designed for this purpose. .243 Winchester is the toned down version of .308 Winchester. This rifle is generally preferred by hunters to shoot down varmints, game or wilds like coyote, various varieties of deer, wild hogs, pronghorns etc. However, the 243 rifle is accepted to work wonders only for small and moderate animals and is adjudged quite light for large games like elk or black bears.

It definitely has some points to ponder before buying. The user must consider all of these. A few things to make the best 243 rifle:

  • Affordable: Though the price varies from gun to gun, .243 rifles are relatively cheap. There are some low cost guns, which shooters can find useful.
  • Good Hunting gun: For hunting small animals, this one is a great choice.
  • Availabality of ammunition: The low cost ammunition is foundwidely, userswill not haveto think aboutammunition.
  • Mild recoil: The accuracy is coomedable, the minimal recoil makes it apropiate for flat shooting.

Other than hunting, a best 243 rifle is also a hot favourite for duel in matches. It has 115gr DTAC bullets and can produce bullets at a whooping velocity of 2960 feet per second from a barrel of 24 inches. This rifle is highly lauded by the users because of the tolerable recoil and envious ballistics. It also has wide range of powders and ammunitions required for hunting which makes it more desirable. Remington, Howa, Tikka and Savage are those brands, whose rifles of this category should be used, as all of them are quite good and useful.

The cartridge of this rifle has been improved and is now called 243 Ackley which has all the past features but is much more advanced. The brass stability, velocity is higher than the previous version.

The only downside of both the original and advanced version of the rifle is barrel life, which is sadly, short. But, When have a best 243 rifle, people are trying to look for alternatives to curb this problem and a solution has been reached. It seems that using cooler and very slow burning powders, along with regular cleaning can increase the barrel life. Apart from this, there are no issues and hence these rifles have retained their popularity.

Some of Best 243 Rifles

There are many rifles in this 243 category but among them the five most popular and helpful ones are being reviewed. Here is the reviews of best 243 rifles.

Remington Model 700 VLS

Remington Model 700 VLS

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The Remington model 700 VLS or Varmint Laminated Stock was launched by the company in 1962 and since then has been growing in numbers and presently there are 30 sub models available. This is a top class choice for varmint hunting as presentation marries performance in this model. This rifle is a bolt-action one suited for hunting. The Monte Carlo cheekpiece and the flat and wide beaver tail shaped fore end not only enhances stability but also boosts up the looks. This laminated stock can be availed with satin finish.

The 700 model follows the push-feed action which is more preferred by some than the control-round feed action. The receiver is durable as it is milled from a single piece of stainless steel which is less mortal than the receiver not made from a single piece of steel. The barrel of this rifle is 26 inch which is of carbon steel and there is target crown on the muzzle to balance the barrel harmonics by dampening vibrations.

What makes it become a best 243 rifle for hunting?​


  • One can get accurate long range shots because of the 26 inch heavily loaded barrel.
  • The barrel crown on the muzzle top is concave in shape.
  • The trigger by X-Mark Pro can be adjusted externally.
  • The rifle has acute precision which means targets can be achieved with a good amount of practice.
  • The beaver tail appearance offers more stability thus helps to aim a better target.


  • As such, there is no such cons but the fact that it offers push-feed action can disinterest many people. But in spite of these things, this model of Remington appears to be the best bet for varmint hunting.

Savage 12-BVSS

Savage 12-BVSS review

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The best 243 rifle made by Savage are widely accepted and admired. Like the previous product, this one is also laminated but with this rifle, one needs to shoot lying face down. The forend has a black tip and a pretty tight pistol grip. The action of stainless steel barrel is similar to that of the low profile. Both, repeat versions and single shot are available for this rifle. And the best thing about single shooting is that people will enjoy easy and smooth loading of cartridges as there is no resistance.

The bolt is opened, cartridge is dropped into the receiver and the bolt is closed. The process is this easy and the rifle is ready for firing. But the feature for which Savage is popular is its unparallel accuracy and all the three models of this 12 series follow this. They can deliver three best shots in 100 yard grouping in 1” – 4”.


  • The fact that the rifle can be loaded smoothly and easily is a sign of relief for the hunters.Accuracy is the second benefit which keeps this rifle on the target for accurate shots in the correct moment is a thing which the hunter will surely desire.This rifle is a combination of strength, dependability and quality which makes it the most famous sport rifle of the people.All the rifles are tested by Savage before selling.


  • The feature which has raised a point of debate is the crown of the rifle which to some is too sharp and can hurt somebody. But there are some with solutions saying that the protected muzzle won’t let the crown create any problem and if it bothers much, then a goldsmith can fix it at a low cost.

Howa 1500 Varminter Supreme

Howa 1500 Varminter Supreme review

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Howa is a Japanese company who has been building barrels of supreme quality for a long time, not only for themselves but also for other competitors.

The Supreme Varminter rifle is available in three colour options: matte black finish on black laminate, stainless steel finish and a nutmeg variety. And a striking fact is, only right handers will be able to use this rifle. The length of the barrel is 24’’ and is pretty heavy. Scopes can be used on this rifle for better viewing of the shooting object.

The weight of the rifle is not much and can be hefted without much pain and can be balanced well on sandbags and other options, and offers a steady platform for shooting. The trigger is a lot like that of Remington and can be adjusted in accordance with the need of the user. It has ridges and is pretty wide. The recoil absorbing power of the rifle is pretty good and thus provides a soothing shooting experience. And all this is offered at a quite low price.


  • The 24 inch sturdy bull barrel is hammer forged and has a buried muzzle.
  • The single loading is safe and the bolt lock down is secured.
  • Provided with standard recoil pads.
  • Pistol grip for better grasp.
  • Vented stock for cooling of the muzzle.
  • All exciting features at a very affordable price.


  • As such there is no disadvantage of this varminter and it thus justifies its name- supreme. But then again rifles can backfire sometimes in spite of being good so it will be a wise decision to remain alert.

Based on the features, Varminter Supreme has scaled great heights as an effective and best 243 rifle.

Ruger® American™ .243 Win. Bolt-Action Rifle

Ruger® American™ .243 Win. Bolt-Action Rifle review

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Another best 243 rifle for hunting with some great features to look out for. It is an advanced brainchild of American engineers. The rifle is easy to handle, quick in field and can be customized for the individual need of the shooters. The engineers have designed this rifle, keeping in mind all the necessary and intricate matters of sports rifle. It is easy to load, easy to carry, can absorb recoils and has a tolerable longevity, making it a rifle worth checking out.


  • Power Bedding™ integral bedding block system with free floating barrel
  • 3 lug 70° bolt, bolt action
  • Marksman Adjustable™ trigger with 3 – 5 lb. pull weight
  • Hammer forged barrel with 22’’ alloy steel with matte black finish
  • Flush fit rotary magazine
  • Tang safety
  • Accuracy – the most important feature and reason to chose a rifle for hunting or varmenting.
  • Affordable price at the range of $319 – $ 499.


  • No such punishable cons have been so far identified but there can be some minor issues depending on how a particular person chooses to use his rifle. All these benefits can seem to someone a bag full of troubles if he does not have the fair idea of using such a rifle. The engineers have really worked hard to create a rifle which ticks off most of the important requirements in this field. However, there is one point of caution, which the makers will like the users to note and follow and that is using protective eye wears when they are using or near this device.

Weatherby Vanguard Series 2 Youth Bolt Action Rifle

Weatherby Vanguard Series 2 Youth Bolt Action Rifle review

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Like all the previous rifles the one produced by Weatherby also has all the needed and necessary features which make it a good rather great game hunting rifle. The company claims to be famous, depending on the accuracy and quality provided by them. All the hunters who have used this rifle, adjudged it to be an excellent one because of its great shooting range if combined with Weatherby ammunition, trigger and accurate shootings. To all this is the best 243 rifle worth having.


  • 3 position safety for loading and unloading of the rifles.
  • Removable elongated spacer to adjust length of pull (12 1/2″ to 13 5/8″)
  • 24″, cold hammer forged barrel
  • two-stage trigger than can pull off to a load of 2.5 lbs and is creep free.
  • composite stock with pistol grip for good gripping even in adverse situation.
  • matte bead blasted blued finish which camouflages the rifle, thereby giving the hunter an advantage over the game.
  • hinged floorplate which allows quick and safe unloading of the magazine


  • Just as the hunters have words of praise for this rifle, similarly some of them have certain complains which if addressed, can make this rifle an able all rounder.

It is mentioned that the rifle works best with the company’s ammo but sometimes getting hold of the magazine becomes a tough job. Some say that the weight of this rifle is quite a much which makes it difficult to carry while hunting. But then again, all good things have a mild flaw which is pardonable.



Here, mostly the rifles required for varmint hunting have been dissected and discussed. And undoubtedly .243 Winchesters are the best choice for this purpose. The five rifles reviewed here are those which should be appreciated by the hunters to enjoy their games rather enjoy hunting the games. All the rifles mentioned are more or less similar in nature as all are .243 bolt action rifles, which mean that the precision of all of them are extremely accurate. But what is evident that the looks of these rifles will vary and when the designs are different then that means the handling procedure will also undergo a little change.

But since the aim is same, one can choose happily from any one of these but before buying people should be well aware of their needs. Though precision is the strongest point about these rifles yet the hunters will need to practice in order to master the art. In order to practice to become perfect, hunters will require a huge amount of powder and ammunition and getting those is not a problem as there are many shops offering those.

So, now the hunters can change the game by using these efficient and best 243 rifles and flaunt their talent.

Best 243 Rifle for Hunting – The Ultimate Buying Guide & Reviews
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