In order to discuss which is the best .22-250 rifle, one must be aware of the history of this particular kind of rifle. In 1963, this rifle first came into existence through Browning Arms Company. This step was regarded unmatched as for the first time, a rifle was chambered for cartridges which that company and other ammunition producers had no supply of.

Few years later, following Browning’s footsteps, Remington launched its .22-250 variety. Slowly this rifle was manufactured by all other reputed gun makers and became a force to reckon with. Presently, this variety of rifle is pretty much common. Though it is admitted that, there are better rifles than this specific one yet the .22-250 rifle has a place and popularity of its own. .220 Swift, .220 PPC and .223 have more admirers and follower.

Points to ponder while buying

  • Affordibility: This is the most striking feature of the Savage Axis .22-250. Shooters prefer this model as it comes just for £750.
  • Longevity: One can use this riffle for year as it comes with a strong alloy body.
  • Admirable accuracy: In spite of the bulky trigger this riffle is more than perfect in regards to accuracy.
  • Adequate velocity: Velocity is undoubtedly satisfactory.

With the passing year also many rifles are emerging, but no one has been able to topple off .22-250 of its position. The best thing about .22-250 is that it is tolerant of a wide variety of powders and bullet weights. Since it had no particular companion, from its nascent stage, the rifle was experimented with numerous variations. It can effortlessly shoot from bullets ranging from 35 grain to 60 grains.

The bullet types used for it are- Barnes 63-grain XFB, Nosler 55-grain Ballistic tip, Sierra 40-grain SP Hornet bullet and Stark 36-grain Molly-coat Varmint bullet. In 1967, Hodgdon 414 was introduced and became ‘the one’ for .22-250. However, with all these bullets, the velocity and accuracy were bang on.

Now let us glance upon some variants of best .22-250 rifle.

Some of the Best .22-250 Rifles

Savage Model 12 Varminter Low Profile Bolt-Action Rifle

Savage Model 12 Varminter Low Profile Bolt-Action Rifle - best 22 250 rifle

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Savage has long been making rifles, and is a hot favourite of the shooters. All the rifles offered by this company have something or the other to offer and there is no exception in the case of Savage Model 12 Varminter Low Profile Bolt-Action Rifle. Undoubtedly, this rifle can be called ‘the best’ because it possesses all the required features of a varmint which is wanted by the shooters.

Special Features

  • Savage 110 type short bolt action, single shot
  • Rifling twist – 1 in 9 (.223 Rem.)
  • Barrel length – 26 inches
  • Overall length – 46.25 inches
  • Weight – 10 pounds
  • Brown hardwood laminated, satin finish stock
  • No sights, drilled and tapped for scope mounts
  • Stainless steel finish.

The Pros of Savage Model 12 Varminter Low Profile Bolt-Action Rifle

With so many outstanding features, it is obvious that this best 22 250 rifle will have unparallel advantages.

  • The AccuTrigger, which can be adjusted from 1.6 – 6 pounds, is an enviable feature which makes shooting an exciting experience.
  • The process of loading cartridges into the chamber is very easy and smooth and is resistance less.
  • The most important factor- accuracy. This rifle is extremely accurate and won’t give a chance to complain even in 3 shot group.
  • There are many more features to adorn the rifle, one among them is the beavertail fore end which lends support and stability.

With all these benefits, this model off Savage is actually very useful and has no such disadvantage. However, the cost, $752 [subject to change] can be regarded as a con but then, look at this as an investment, and you will have less anxiety and more satisfaction.

Thompson/Center Arms Venture Predator Bolt Action Rifle

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This particular rifle has been created to fight against the toughest predator of nature in a crucial moment with a calm head. While colliding with an enemy better than you, on

We must have the right arm and tactics to win. This rifle possesses all those qualities and act as your best friend in worst time. The rifle has precision, which lets you to take perfect shots. It is easy to hide with, thus you can plan your next move peacefully and your foe won’t even notice you.

The advantages of using Thompson/Center Arms Venture Predator Bolt Action Rifle

  • Secure and lightweight: when you are fighting against a predator, the two most needed things would be security and lightness. You must be able to carry the rifle effortlessly and shoot from it comfortably. This rifle is only 6.75 pounds and thus is labelled as ‘walking varminter’.
  • Decay resistant, coated bolt: when you are following a predator, you need to make most of the chances you get, you cannot miss any opportunity. This rifle helps you in this as it has a smooth bolt action and is resistant to corrosion because of the coating.
  • Make Up- with Realtree®Advantage HD Max-1® or AP HD® Snow camo, this riffle is dressed to disguise itself from the predator, thereby giving you the upper hand. So, do remember to hide yourself for better results!
  • The Venture Predator can take down the predators from a long range and is always accurate, with great bullet stability and less deformation.

The Cons

As such, there are no negatives about this rifle but it does not really have wide range of features like others. No matter what, this rifle is quite handy at a starting price of $ 638.

Howa 1500 Youth Bolt Action Rifle

Howa 1500 Youth Bolt Action Rifle

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After dealing with the previous two rifles, now let us concentrate on the third brand. Howa, is a famous company from Japan, who have been long in this business. They are popular for their superior barrels which are admired and preferred by their competitors as well. They have made many rifles, and the concerned one is also pretty good. Before jumping to the features, know one thing, that this variety of rifle grows along with its users as it has an extra adult size stock.

Special Features

  • in 14″ rifling twist
  • 20″ barrel length
  • Adjustable trigger
  • 5 +1 capacity
  • Three-position safety
  • Nikko-Stirling 3-9×42 Nighteater scope along with bases and rings.
  • Green Hogue adult overmolded stock
  • Black Hogue youth composite stock
  • 12-1/2″ length of pull
  • overall length of 39-1/4″
  • weight 8 pounds


  • A rifle with reliability as it has a deadly combination of lightweight and accuracy. Thus one can carry it easily wherever they want to and can shoot the target without much hitch.
  • In order to provide accuracy, the barrels are made free flowing.
  • The Hogue overmolded stock can reduce fatigue and recoil and also provides the shooter with a cobblestoned texture because of which they can have better grip in any weather condition.


  • On the first look, you won’t find any cons but the loading of the cartridges are not as smooth, as the previous rifles discussed. But the positives are more and so this little fault can be neglected.

Remington Model 700 SPS Varmint Bolt Action Rifle

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After scaling the history, we now know that Remington was the second company to adopt the idea of best .22-250 rifle and launch the same. Remington is a very popular brand and so you can make out that the rifle made by them are surely masterpieces. The 700 SPS Varmint rifle is well known among the shooters for its accuracy and easy handling. The rifle was very carefully prepared keeping in mind the requirements of the shooters and thus it is one among the best.

Special Features

  • 26″ heavy-contour barrel
  • SPS Varmint stock with vented beavertail fore-end
  • Legendary Model 700™ action
  • X-Mark Pro® externally adjustable trigger
  • Sling swivel studs
  • Drilled and tapped for scope mounts
  • SuperCell® Recoil Pad
  • Floorplate magazine


  • The barrel is perfect for the high velocity calibre offering.
  • The beavertail fore end provides stability and good grip
  • The matte blued finish, won’t reflect any light, thus the hunter can remain invisible from the eyes of the predator.
  • The legendary model 700 action is the most trusted and reliable action in the shooting world and thus this rifle has a great action.


  • With so many eye catching features (don’t worry, this won’t catch predator’s eyes) and a name like Remington to back it, this rifle is certainly owner’s pride and neighbour’s reason of envy. And to do justice to its name, this rifle is quite costly. So a novice will have to think twice if he can afford it or not.

Winchester Model 70 Featherweight Bolt Action Rifle

Model 70 Featherweight

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Winchester is another name in this gun world to reckon with. They have been making and manufacturing guns since ages and have a steady market. This Winchester Model 70 Featherweight Bolt Action Rifle can be instantly recognised for its unique, out of the box but useful features and is a dream of every seasoned hunter. This is a beauty with brain where the looks and action merge together to create something interesting, effective and beautiful. It has multiple features which makes it stand out among the crowd.

Special Features

  • Walnut stock with a satin finish and schnabel forearm with traditional lightweight cut checkering create the iconic Featherweight look.
  • One-piece metal and alloy bottom adds firmness for better precision
  • Polished metal exterior add elegance and style
  • Forged steel handset with basic recoil lug is placed front and at the back for eliminating shifts in zero for outstanding long-range precision
  • Three-Position Safety explains safety rank at one go
  • Pre-’64 type guarded round feed with scrap extractor, controls the cartridge fully from magazine till ejection
  • ​Formal hammer-forged easy-going lightweight profile cask for perfect functioning for years.
  • O.A. type Trigger System with zero creep, zero take-up and zero overtravel offer you expectional accuracy
  • Recessed goal crown improves perfection and defend the rifling
  • Pachmayr® decelerator® withdrawal pad for minimal guard against sensed recoil
  • Blade-Ejector for total control of ejection force

The pros and cons of using Winchester Model 70 Featherweight Bolt Action Rifle

When a rifle is laden with so many features, it surely won’t misfire or miss a fire. All these features provide accuracy, stability, control, safety and thus make the shooting experience a memorable one.

The name proves that this rifle is very light to carry which signals that the cost ccan only be a con for this rifle.



All these best .22-250 rifle belong to companies who have been ruling here from a long time. So it will be obvious that all these varieties are good with more or less similar features. Accuracy is the sole thing which the hunter looks for and all these five models provide great precision. Thus it is true that the choice will be difficult. But choosing a rifle depends on the user, so that person should choose according to his/her merits to enjoy better results.

These rifles are costly, so someone who is new in this line, will find it difficult but having a correct weapon is the battle half won. So it is always better to go for the best. You can rely upon these companies as they have been serving long enough to get the pulse and provide with the necessity.

However, buying the best .22-250 rifle is not the only thing. One needs to be well aware and skilled enough to fight any condition. Rifle will help you but you need to hone your ability first to enter the field. Nowadays, buying rifle is quite easy. You can either go to a gun shop or you can simply order it online after reading reviews. So, shoot with fun!

Best .22-250 Rifles: 2017 Ultimate Buying Guide
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